Equipment Replacement and Upgrades: New High-Efficiency Systems Provide Remarkable Results

Enwave Seattle is a strong advocate of high-efficiency energy transfer systems. One of the valuable services the company provides to customers is collaboration and recommendations for replacing or upgrading old equipment and updating new systems. Powerful and superior equipment systems are available when a customer is faced with equipment replacement or the introduction of additional equipment to serve new facilities. Enwave Seattle is continuously looking at new equipment available in the marketplace and can make recommendations for modern and reliable technology.

In early 2008, the Sheraton Hotel, upgraded its failing electric hot water tank with an instantaneous steam-to-hot-water, high efficiency system. The results include a large reduction in utility costs, the system footprint, and the capital cost of its replacement.


GSA Federal Office Building These heat exchangers offer 97 percent efficiency releasing condensate at 95°F.
The equipment is self-contained, compact, affordable and easy to install.
This unit replaced an existing 480 kilowatt, 1500 gallon electrical hot water tank that took up six times the floor space in the mechanical room.


The Sheraton system uses low pressure steam to produce 130°F potable hot water at 41 GPM. Condensate temperatures were measured at 94°F.

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