Exchanging Data with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is an interactive energy management tool from the EPA that allows you to track and assess energy consumption in your buildings, in a secure online environment. Portfolio Manager can help you set investment priorities, identify under-performing buildings, verify efficiency improvements, and receive EPA recognition for superior energy performance.

Enwave Seattle offers Portfolio Manager Data Exchange services (formerly called Automated Benchmarking) that will automatically report your monthly steam usage data to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Automated reporting can save you time in data entry, ensure data accuracy and timeliness, and improve your ability to continuously manage energy across your organization. As well, our Portfolio Manager Data Exchange services support facility compliance with the Seattle Energy Disclosure Ordinance.


It's easy to initiate Portfolio Manager Data Exchange for your steam meters:

  1. Complete the Enwave Seattle Authorization Agreement in your online Enwave Seattle UtilityStudio account.
  2. Create your Portfolio Manager account in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, defining your property and the steam meters listed on a current Enwave Seattle bill.
  3. Establish a connection with Enwave Seattle in your Portfolio Manager account, by adding Enwave Seattle as a "contact". We will receive your request and complete the connection.
  4. Request Data Exchange services from Enwave Seattle in your Portfolio Manager account by "sharing" your property and granting "Exchange Data" access to Enwave Seattle. Set access permissions for each steam meter to "Full Access".
  5. We will complete your setup and report the most-recent 2 years of usage data for each steam meter to your Portfolio Manager account. Monthly reporting will automatically continue; data updates will be completed by the 15th of each month after the billing cycle.
  6. Track your energy usage and our ENERGY STAR reporting in your Enwave Seattle UtilityStudio account.

For more information on initiating Portfolio Manager Data Exchange services with Enwave Seattle, log in to your Enwave Seattle UtilityStudio account and click on Energy Star Reporting: How Exchanging Data with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Works. We require a completed Authorization Agreement before we can begin Energy Star reporting services for your facilities.

Click here to learn more about ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.